Summertime, When the Construction is Big Easy


Crews are making solid progress at the Big Easy Recreation Area and Trailhead in anticipation of an early fall grand opening.

Bathroom construction at Big Easy

Jeffco Open Space construction crews building the new bathroom structure.

Bathroom construction at Big Easy

The walls are up and the vaulted ceiling is being framed for the permanent restroom.

Paving near Big Easy

Paving the new 50 car parking lot near US Hwy 6 near mile marker 262.5.

Repairs in Clear Creek County Complete


Repairs to the segment of the Peaks to Plains Trail in Clear Creek County are complete. The entire 3-mile stretch of trail is now open through both Jefferson and Clear Creek Counties!

Clear Creek County section open map

Notice to Rafters


Notice to Rafters April 2016_r7


Temporary Crossings
The temporary crossings at West Cannonball Flats (US 6 MP 260.97), East Cannonball
Flats (US 6 MP 261.23) and Unnamed (US 6 MP 261.56) will be permanently removed this spring, while the temporary crossing at Mayhem Gulch (US 6 MP 262.15) will remain in place. A new temporary crossing has been installed at (US 6 MP 262.67), and will remain in place throughout the season. The creek will be open to Cannonball Flats (US 6 MP 261.23), but will be closed between Cannonball Flats to (US 6 MP 262.27). The river will be open below Vasquez Bridge.

Peaks to Plains Trail Opening Dates
Jefferson and Clear Creek counties are excited to announce the opening of the first
segment of Peaks to Plains Trail in Clear Creek Canyon to the public in July 2016.
The segment of the trail that will be open to the public is located at the west portal of
tunnel 5, near the intersection of US 6 and State Highway (SH) 119. Access on the west
end will be from the newly built parking lot at Oxbow Parcel, east to the parking lot
at Mayhem Gulch.

Project Overview
In January 2014, construction began on the Clear Creek Canyon Segment of the Peaks
to Plains Trail Project. This project will create a four-mile paved, multipurpose trail
along US Highway 6, connects 2/3 mile east of Mayhem Gulch Trailhead in Jefferson
County to the west portal of Tunnel No. 5 in Clear Creek County. When complete, the
Peaks to Plains Trail will provide new and expanded recreational opportunities for the
cycling, hiking, angling, kayaking, climbing and prospecting communities, as well as
other outdoor enthusiasts. This segment of the Peaks to Plains Trail will include:

• A 4-mile, 10-foot wide concrete trail
• Four bridges crossing Clear Creek
• Five improved water access points
• A 12-parking space trailhead with restroom at the Oxbow Parcel in Clear Creek County and two 40–50 space parking lots in Jefferson County

If you have any questions, please contact the Public Information Team,, Phone: 303.569.9972