Repairs in Clear Creek County Complete


Repairs to the segment of the Peaks to Plains Trail in Clear Creek County are complete. The entire 3-mile stretch of trail is now open through both Jefferson and Clear Creek Counties!

Clear Creek County section open map

And We’re Off!

The Clear Creek Canyon Segment of the Peaks to Plains Trail is abuzz with pre-construction activity. A Concrete Express, Inc. crew has begun clearing a path for the trail and installed erosion control elements, highway signs and two temporary pedestrian construction-access bridges that allow authorized personnel to get to the opposite side of Clear Creek.

Survey crew crosses the temporary bridge at Cannonball Flats.

The contractor’s office trailer has been installed just east of the Mayhem Gulch parking lot, and we anticipate little to no impact to park visitor parking. With the canyon traffic and potential construction activity, always be cautious when entering or leaving the Mayhem Gulch Trailhead parking lot.

Clearing work has begun just east of the County Line, where Highways 119 and 6 split.

Trail construction is expected to begin in the coming weeks. The 6-mile trail is scheduled to be completed by June 2015.

We invite you to follow the progress of this segment of the Peaks to Plains Trail through this blog. For general information, check out

– Scot Grossman, Project Manager, Jeffco Open Space