Celebrating Opening Day – With Gratitude

Jeffco Open Space, along with Clear Creek County Open Space, opened segments of the Peaks to Plains Trail in Clear Creek Canyon on July 28, 2016. The following video shows the entire process from planning, to construction to completion and highlights the numerous partners who made this possible. Jefferson County Commissioners Donald Rosier and Casey Tighe opened the trail along with Clear Creek County Commissioner Peter Monson. Thank you to everyone involved!

Peaks to Plains Trail Opening Date

On Thursday, July 28, the first phase of the Peaks to Plains trail will be open to the public. Over three miles of paved multi-purpose trail, as well as the three bridges crossing the creek in this joint project of Jefferson and Clear Creek counties, are ready for exploration. Visitors coming from the Clear Creek end will be able to follow the trail around the Oxbow, while visitors from the Jefferson County side will be able to travel west from the Mayhem Gulch trail head to the project beginning. Due to the unusually high water flows in the creek over the past two years, the trail has needed some unanticipated reinforcements and repairs, which has, unfortunately, pushed back the opening date of Phase 1 from July 14, and the grand opening of the trail as a whole until the fall. However, on Thursday, July 28,
Jefferson and Clear Creek counties are proud to open for the public the portion that is completed and safe.

For Your Safety: While some portions of the trail appear to be paved and completed, outdoor enthusiasts are reminded that ALL parts of the area are still construction zones
and that access at these points is still restricted until the trail is opened on July 28, 2016. Please do not enter or utilize the closed sections.

P2P opening map

Trail Stewardship Team Onsite This Week

Each summer, since 1975, the Jeffco Open Space Trail Stewardship Team has employed Jefferson County youth to maintain and build trails while developing a land stewardship ethic. The program is open to all Jefferson County residents between the ages of 14 to 18. A competitive lottery every spring selects kids for these highly sought after positions. Read more about the Trail Stewardship Team.

This week a few members of the Team were onsite helping with construction of the Peaks to Plains Trail. They spent two days working in the westernmost segment of Jefferson County trail portion moving dirt, creating final grade around the railings and pulling noxious weeds. A big thanks goes out to them for all their hard work!


Evan Yardley tamps down dirt around the newly installed railing


Trail Stewardship Team members (left to right) Maggie Haddon, Carlee Shive, Andrew McInroy, Brett Lawrence, Olivia McCandle and Evan Yardley


Olivia McCandle and Andrew McInroy hard at work


Trail Stewardship Team at one of the trail’s overlooks (left to right) Andrew McInroy, Brett Lawrence, Evan Yardley, Maggie Haddon, Carlee Shive, Olivia McCandle and crew leader Sophie Scully

First Ride!

Last week we donned GoPro cameras and took our bikes out to capture some footage of the trail.  The videos below show approximately one mile of the JC-1 segment. While it may look complete and ready to open to the public, we still have quite a bit of work to do. The concrete has been poured, but it’s missing railings. We will be staining the concrete this spring so it blends in a little more. And most importantly, the connecting segments haven’t been completed yet. Since it’s still an active construction site you’ll notice us wearing reflective vests, the trail abruptly turning to dirt and the construction crew hard at work. Enjoy the videos, but please respect the construction closure.

-Scot Grossman, Jefferson County Open Space