5 thoughts on “Peaks to Plains Trail – By the Numbers

  1. The only good thing I can glean from that graphic is that I’m SUPER GLAD I live in Arapahoe County and didn’t have to pay for any of this monstrosity.

    • I respectfully disagree. The trail is absolutely beautiful and adds significantly to the quality of life in Jefferson County. It’s a great example of what a forward-looking county can do. I’ll be nice and stop there in spite of what my baser instincts are urging.

  2. This project has changed the whole character of the canyon and not for the better. Decreased access to the stream, large number of trees and other vegetation removed from stream bank, channelized portions of stream by installing huge ,ugly rip rap rock walls below trail. All this for what? So people can ride bikes through the canyon? Why anyone thinks you need to “improve” on a beautiful natural river canyon is beyond my understanding.

  3. I understand the gripes of folks who want to see less concrete in the canyon, but I think the path will be an overall great investment and wonderful resource for future generations. I’m sure people had the same complaints about the Cherry Creek Trail and practically every other bike path that has ever been created, but once it was done we can’t imagine life without it. This only enhances the quality of life for people in the vicinity of the canyon and will be enjoyed for many years to come!

  4. Hello everyone!
    I just discovered Peaks2Plains canyon. Thank you for making this possible to all of us that have gratitude and see life in a positive way! When I walked there for the first time, I thought, people that are in a wheelchair or have any form of “challenge” can actually have the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful place because it is paved. It’s a happy place!! We are very lucky! Thank you!

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