Second and Third Bridges Installed

The second bridge at Cannonball East was installed overnight on March 15, and the third bridge at Cannonball West went in overnight on March 16. The construction equipment was staged on US 6 and required the overnight highway closure. Here’s to the successful bridge installations! Thank you to everyone involved.

Bridge 2 Install Cannonball East (2)

Cannonball East Bridge

Bridge 3 Install Cannonball West

Cannonball West Bridge


3 thoughts on “Second and Third Bridges Installed

  1. As a resident of both Denver and Gilpin County, I am so excited for this segment, and have been following the great progress! Searching through the blog and the Jeffco website, I haven’t seen any new updates to the estimated completion date. Can you provide an update? Thanks!

      • Hello, C. Leary, Sorry, it is estimated that the opening will be mid-July and a notification will be put on the website within a few weeks with updates! Thank you.
        Peaks to Plains

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