Peaks to Plains Trail on Colorado Public Radio

In case you missed it last week, the Peaks to Plains Trail received air time during Colorado Public Radio’s story on Governor John Hickenlooper’s Colorado the Beautiful Initiative.  Follow the link below to read or listen to the story.

KUNC Story

One thought on “Peaks to Plains Trail on Colorado Public Radio

  1. I hate to always be the hater, but this article pretty much confirms this whole project is for cyclists, which I have stated previously and was told I was wrong. Also, $100m for bicycle trails???! Good thing we have all this weed surplus or that might be considered downright irresponsible. You know with all the homeless, the poor, and the increasing crime that results from the population flood we’re in the midst of… Probably a great idea to spend more taxpayer money on bike trails.

    My car got broken into five times in eleven days. The police couldn’t afford to station a patrol car to deter all the crime that has suddenly popped up in my area, but they’ll be able to ride their bicycle to freaking Grand Junction…

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