Placer Flats Takeout Closed June 8, 2015

The Placer Flats Takeout on Clear Creek, at Mile Marker 260.5, will be closed today to allow the construction team to improve the takeout. This work will expand the eddy area allowing more rafts to safely access the takeout.  While the site is an active construction area, access to and from the creek will not be permitted.

During this closure, please use the upstream ramp located on the river right – under the US Highway 6 bridge, at the intersection of US Highway 6 and Highway 119.  This temporary takeout will be clearly marked with signage. The bridge’s eastbound right turn lane will be closed to traffic with orange cones.  Rafters and kayakers will permitted to use this area as a temporary, safe loading area.

Please see the map below for details. If you have questions about this closure or the project, please contact the Public Information Team at 303-569-9972  or


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