So Much Progress!

There has been a lot of great progress on the project recently and we have many updates to share. Check out the photos below to see some of the great work being done!

-Scot Grossman, Jefferson County Open Space


The trail is taking shape near the eastern end of JC-1. Taken on 7/21/14.


Jefferson County Open Space Trails Specialist Ted Diltz III working on a new set of stairs down to Clear Creek on 8/20/14.


Trails Specialists Chris Cruz, Tim Roybal, Ted Diltz III and Chad Morger working on a river access point on 8/20/14.


The 1st temporary river crossing installed on 8/27/14.


A new section of drape mesh installed at the western end of JC-1. Photo taken on 9/3/14.








Almost ready for concrete on 9/9/14.












The first piece of concrete in Jefferson County poured on 10/2/14.



Now you can really see it. Taken on 10/7/14.









Seeding the sides of the trail on 10/16/14.


Swinging in concrete culverts for the 3rd temporary crossing. Taken 10/29/14


2 thoughts on “So Much Progress!

  1. This is going to be such a huge benefit to all the folks who live around or play in this area. Can’t wait for it to be open, even part way!

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