Mandatory Takeout at Placer Flats/Mile 260.5

Currently, all construction traffic enters the construction site at the junction of State Highway 119 & US Highway 6.  As construction moves downstream and further away from this point, it gets increasingly more difficult to back vehicles in and out. To provide alternate entry/exit points, in the coming weeks the first of multiple temporary river crossings will be installed at the area known as “Cannonball Flats.”  These crossings will be made of conjoined concrete culverts and WILL BE IMPASSABLE for rafters, kayakers and all other river users.  All river activities must take out at the “Placer Flats” takeout, also known as “Mile 260.5.”  This is the takeout after the bridge at the intersection of State Highway 119 & US Highway 6 and after the Class III rapid known as “Whew!”.  Please see the flyer below for more detailed information.  If you have further questions please contact the Public Information Team at 303.569.9972 or

Peaks to Plains Trail

-Scot Grossman, Jefferson County Open Space

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