Railing and Wall Designs

Yesterday was an exciting day on the Peaks to Plains Project. Staff from Clear Creek County, Jefferson County and the Design-Build Team braved the cold and met at the Concrete Express fabrication yard to look at mock-ups of different railing designs and retaining wall colors.

Aesthetics are really important to both counties on this project.  We want the trail to look like it has always been there. Clear Creek Canyon has a long history of mining and railroad use. The Counties asked the Design-Build Team use this as inspiration for their designs throughout the project. As you can see in the pictures below we are playing off the rusty old metal look associated with vintage mining and railroad equipment.


Back view of possible railing configuration


Front view of possible railing configuration


Notice the C-Channel metal on the bottom resembles a railroad track

There will be a few different types of walls on this project. Some will be made of natural stone. Some, because of height requirements, will be made of engineered concrete blocks. A few days ago we went up the canyon and collected samples of the most predominant rock colors. For those of you that have been through the canyon, you know that colors vary dramatically from one bend to the next. The block supplier mixed up a few custom colors for us and sprayed them on to see how they matched. As you can see they did a pretty fantastic job.


Two samples in their natural concrete color


Spraying on the color


Can you spot the real rock?

– Scot Grossman, Project Manager, Jefferson County Open Space